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BEARD Hockey GM Application


DECEMBER 2021 UPDATE: With the holiday season in full swing and in an effort to shore up our great group of GM's, BEARD Hockey will be gifting "sponsorships" for the remainder of the 2021-22 season for up to four applicants to join our league.

Normally, our league subscription fee is $50. We prorate this fee if a GM comes in during the season based on our 180-day regular-season schedule. However, we are willing to waive this fee to find GM's who are dedicated, active, and are willing to engage in a daily activity league like BEARD Hockey. Those who submit the application below will be reviewed, and possibly emailed for a follow-up, before being offered a team.

Before applying, it is VITAL that interested persons learn about our league. The best way to do this is to read our extensive Rulebook. Please click this Rulebook link to find out more. Areas with gray highlight are sentences or programs that changed from the previous season.

This is a full-ownership, daily activity league. Developing players, prospects, and other aspects of your franchise is 100% on you. We expect GM's to be online, available, engaged, and participating in our community. If you are looking for a fly-by-night league and want to do the bare minimum, this probably isn't for you!

Submit below - be sure to avail yourself of this website, the Rulebook, and our forums before applying. All of the answers in the right-side question section are found therein. We look forward to your application!



During the regular season, how many days can a GM go without submitting a lines file?

What is the Fair Market Value yearly salary for a non-entry level skater with a 77 OV rating?

How many regular-season games can a pro or farm goaltender play before the owning club faces a fine?

In the In-Season Free Agent Negotiation program, how many counters (within reason) are allowed between GM and Agent?

Teams are allowed to retain 50% of a player's salary on up to how many players in a given season?

Between pro, farm, and their prospect list, what is the maximum number of players a club can have at any time?

There are three league-approved websites a GM can use for position changes. What are they?

What prize is given to the GM of the Year as voted on by their fellow BEARD Hockey GM's?

According to several sources, when was BEARD Hockey officially established?

You have successfully submitted. Thank you!

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