BEARD Hockey GM Application


Before submitting, it is VITAL that you read up on several items of interest about our league. Please be sure to scan our Rulebook (click here) for all details about the ins and outs of BEARD Hockey. Please also note these important items:

-- This is a subscription-based league. GM's in our league pay $25 for Year One, and $50 USD for each additional season (paid per calendar year). 100% of this money goes directly toward league awards, maintaining the website, and other cool add-ons and extras. Please see our Subscriptions page for full info.

-- This is a RESULTS-based rerate, full-ownership league. We make educated adjustments of all players based on our combined 30+ years of sim hockey experience for rerates. Each team will get one NHL rerate per season, however. But keep this in mind: developing players, prospects, and other aspects of your franchise is 100% on you in BEARD Hockey.

-- This is not a fly-by-night league. We are dedicated to providing a top-notch sim hockey league and we expect the same from our GM's. We're going to have a lot of fun too - but BEARD Hockey is for serious GM's looking to be a part of something more than your typical sim league. By submitting an application, you understand that you will be required to be active in this league. Those that want to "just get by" and do 'the minimum asked of you' may find this league too much to handle.

Like what you see, and think BEARD Hockey is the league for you? Submit below - we will respond to all applications as soon as possible (please be responsive to our replies). We look forward to seeing your submission!

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