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A Truly Relatable Hollywood Comeback Story

A hero takes a hiatus because the pressures of the world become too much. But he cannot stay away forever as the pull gets stronger to come back and fight.

It feels like a movie script straight out of Hollywood.

The Los Angeles Kings must be a big fan of 80’s pro wrestling as they have traveled to “Parts Unknown” to pull their new general manager back into hockey.

After disappearing from the hockey world in 2010, Los Angeles has hired Kyle Bowden to replace former GM Jay Seo who also in classic Hollywood fashion was a bright light that was extinguished quickly and never to be seen again.

The new GM comes with a wealth of experience having led teams to championships in the past. He faces a tough test in Los Angeles as the team has all the tools to make a run but lack stability and leadership from the top. The fans are ready for a winner and the on-ice product has been disappointing so far.

Bowden had this to say about his new team.

“In the words of poet Huey Lewis……I love L.A. Who wouldn’t want to come back and run a team that has Sidney Crosby on it? Honestly, we have it all here. We can score, we can skate, we can defend, we can be physical, and we have Antti Raanta between the pipes.

"This team is ready to win, and the fans are ready for a playoff run. The issue facing this team right now is structure and that falls on Hitch. With no GM, everything has been on Ken Hitchcock and he has done an admirable job.

"But we can be better, and we will be better. We can roll three lines to match anyone in the league and that’s what we should be doing. We are top-heavy and need to balance the attack and play a consistent 60.”

Strong words from the new GM. Could there be tension between the new GM and coach Ken Hitchcock as Bowden seemed to allude to the fact that this slump was on him as the only leader for the team? This relationship will be something to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

Bowden seems to have a quick handle on his team and had a chance to meet with the players and staff yesterday. Reports say it was a very positive experience and it shows, as the Kings went out and beat the Metro division-leading Carolina Hurricanes 3-2. This type of game has been the Achilles heel for the Kings as they have lost 16 games on the year and 10 of them have been by a single goal.

It will be interesting to see how the Kings build off this big win as they are right back at it against Washington. We will have the post-game wrap-up tomorrow and a special interview with the new GM so be on the lookout for that.

Inside the Kings Court Perd Hapley

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