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Bell Not Content With Status Quo

The Ottawa Senators are doing well, but their GM feels there's more in the tank for a team expected to compete for a Stanley Cup this season.

We are now 24 games down and Ottawa is sitting 2nd in the Atlantic Division and 9th overall in the BEARD league.

Now any GM would love those standings, but not GM Mike Bell.

Ottawa has a stacked team full of stars. The biggest being Steven Stamkos, our captain who is having a stellar year with 30 points in 24 games.

Bell decided to put him on the trading block following a losing stint of 3 games in a row, but was taken off the block following seeming non-interest in other GM's to acquire him.

Top goalie Jussi Saros is holding the fort. The likes of Johnny Gaudreau, Pierre-Luc Dubois, Dylan Larkin, Olivier Bjorkstrand, Trevor Moore, Rasmus Anderson, and Adam Pelech should make this team among the top 3 in this league.

Look for moves to being made if GM’s contact Mike Bell for inquiries.

The farm team is firing away at the wins and sitting 2nd overall only 1 point behind 1st. So all around, Ottawa is doing extremely well, both present and future wise.

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