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Capitals Hire New GM; Ready To Deal

With the recent departure of former GM Shawn Davis, the Caps went out looking for a new man for the job and found long-time GM Alain Lefebvre.

The Capitals ownership group wanted someone that could change the direction of the team, while still trying to be competitive. They found that in Alain Lefebvre.

The team is one of the oldest teams in terms of overall age in the league and ownership would like to get a little younger. And after a long search, they have found their man.

The Caps would like to introduce their new GM Alain Lefebvre. Alain has been a GM for many years and he brings a tone of experience to the table. He has been mandated by the owners to get the team younger and has been given free rein. And that means that almost no one is safe.

When asked what he thought of the team, the new GM had this to say.

"We have a good team, a little old, but still a good one. There is a lot of potential, and I think with a couple of tweaks, it could be a contender. But I was brought in to get it younger and build up the prospect pool and make sure the team can be competitive for a long period.

"There is some work to do but I am up for the challenge."

Washington is also close to the salary cap limit, and it is another reason why Alain was brought in.

"In the next few days, I am going to look at things and see what we can do; and I am not afraid to move anyone. But I am not going to move someone just to dump salary. If the deal helps the team now and, in the future, then I will not hesitate to pull the trigger."

So, there it is, it looks like the Caps have found their new GM and it also looks like he will be here for a long time. It will be interesting to see what he brings to the table and see what he does with the 3rd oldest team in the league.

This is Billy Charlebois reporting for WTOP News.

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