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From The Stands: Get To Know Arizona

A new series from Kings GM Emile Lakatos! Let's get to know more about Brandon Streblow, the Coyotes GM, and see what makes him tick.

On this installment of From The Stands, we have the Arizona Coyotes GM Brandon Streblow. Thanks, Brandon, for very candid answers!

As a kid growing up...

Favourite NHL team: Carolina Hurricanes

Favourite NHL player: Ron Francis

Favourite moment/moments: I wasn't exactly a kid. I was 15, but Canes winning the Stanley Cup.

As an adult?

Profession: I work at a law firm (I'm not a lawyer, more like an admin assistant)

Married/kids??: Married for about 5.5 years, no kids. Just a cat, but that's fine!

Has your favourite NHL team as a kid changed? I WOULD NEVER

Favourite moment/moments: Can I still say canes winning the Stanley Cup? Other than that, the Canes getting notoriety because of the whole "Bunch of Jerks" thing was pretty cool.

Favourite TV Show(s): Ed Edd and Eddy, an old 2000s cartoon.

Favourite Movie(s): I'm not really big on movies.

Other sports you watch? Favourite team or teams? Favourite player(s) in other sports?: Most of them! Pretty big into NFL/NBA, less so in MLB. Favorites are all the Carolina teams. Steve Smith from the old Panthers teams was a beast, and Kemba Walker for the Hornets (save us Lamelo!).

If you could change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

I wish people were more capable of co-existing with others who have differing viewpoints and could be kind to those people, even if you don't agree with them (barring blatantly evil things like racism, etc). People today (at least in the US) are far too quick to ostracize others for having different feelings, when they should be working together to get the best of both sides. People need to be more emotionally mature, and they need to be kinder.

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