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Primeau's Cold Spell Stymies Wings

Frozen in the pipes despite a hot start, Cayden Primeau is learning that as a professional goaltender, nothing comes easy (or quickly).

Being one of the most ”talked-about” future players at the start of the 20/21 season within the Grand Rapids Griffins organization, Cayden Primeau has gone from smoking hot to ice-cold, even to the severe point of him being placed in the ”freezer” by coach McFarland and GM Mathias Lundgren.

Cayden has been watching his teammates play from the stands these last couple of games, totally left on the outside, beaten for the number one spot but Alexei Melnichuk, and the backup spot by Victor Brattstrom, both of who people thought would struggle badly for ice-time behind talented Primeau.

In the season so far 32 games played, Cayden has started 14 of them, logging a terrible 3-11-0 record, 86,3% SvPCT, 4,62 GAA, played for 805 minutes, and faced 454 shots!

Letting 62 shots past him into the net, now this is not the season Cayden thought he would have and certainly not what Detroit Red Wings thought he would have either.

The Wings more or less emptied the ”goalie” account after acquiring Primeau from Montreal Canadiens during the pre-season, shipping out goalies like Olof Lindblom, Felix Sandstrom, and Cole Kehler, all who are having successful starts of the season behind them.

This raises the question, how much patience does the management have with Primeau? Will he be traded as he still holds a high value? Will Lundgren still gamble on him and trust that his said talent will pay off?

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