BEARD Hockey Subscriptions

BEARD Hockey is a subscription-based simulation hockey league. The cost is $50 for each season (paid each offseason). This is done for several reasons, including our costs:

-- Website domain, hosting, and site upkeep (between $550-$600 per year)

-- Other items needed for the league (website add-ons, FC subscriptions, etc.; between $150-$200 per year)

-- Extras including prizes and other items totalling around $600-$700 per year

Stanley Cup Champion: BEARD Hockey Championship Title Belt

Other prizes include 1-year free subscriptions, personalized BEARD Hockey jerseys, commemorative plaques, subscriptions to hockey-related publications (The Athletic, etc.), and more. These will be awarded to the Stanley Cup Runner-up, Calder Cup Champion, Presidents Trophy winner, GM of the Year, and more.

Aside from the tangible items, putting a paywall around our league creates an environment of expectation on GM's and on the Commissioners. We have spent hundreds of hours building this league, and we are not interested in dealing with the 'fly-by-night' types who want to come in with a head of steam and fizzle out in a matter of weeks. We expect to have 32 driven and dedicated GM's here, and will work hard to ensure the league builds toward being the best on the internet.

Every penny of the money raised from subscriptions goes back into the league. See our full Terms of Service for complete details on subscriptions to our league.

BEARD Hockey is for serious and dedicated GM's. Of course, we have a ton of fun too! But if you're looking for the same old run-of-the-mill league with lazy commissioners and zero activity or responsibility, you've come to the wrong place.


All BEARD Hockey GM's are expected to be active and engaged at all times. Please refer to the BEARD Hockey Rulebook (link in the footer) for specifics on GM expectations.


For ALL perspective GM's, please fill out our free GM Application (link under "Main" above, or in the footer). New GM's that join BEARD Hockey during the regular season will pay a prorated amount depending on when they enter the league (no less than $25).