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BEARD Hockey Original Dispersal Draft Details

"SNAKE" STYLE: The randomly selected order for Round One will invert for Round Two. This means a team picking 1st overall will be picking 64th overall, and then 65th overall and 128th overall.

CONTRACT TERMS and SALARIES: Players selected in the first two rounds of our Dispersal Draft will have their contract terms adjusted to four (4) years - OR, in the case of players aged 23-26, will have their terms adjusted to 'maximize' their RFA status**. This means if a 23-year old is selected in the first two rounds, they will have a 3-year term. All other contract terms have been randomized per this video and our email announcements to date.

**= NOTE: This applies to skaters/goaltenders selected in the first two rounds only, not your first two 'player' picks in general. This means if you select a Draft Pick Package, Prospect Package, or Coach in the first two rounds, the '4-year adjustment' will not apply to players chosen after Round Two.

Coaches will be assigned salaries based on the order of their Dispersal Draft selection. For Pro Head Coaches, the 1st coach picked will earn $5,000,000 per season - each coach selected afterward earns $100,000 less per season (down to a minimum of $1.8 million). For Farm Head Coaches, the top 10 AHL coaches will earn $600,000 per season, the middle 12 coaches will earn $450,000 per season, and the bottom 10 will earn $300,000 per season.

Terms for coaches will be up to the GM selecting them. GM's can choose 1 year, 2 year, or 3 year terms for either coach.

AVAILABLE SELECTIONS: Any player listed on the Unassigned List is eligible to be selected. In addition, clubs must select one Prospect Package and one Draft Pick Package - these can be selected at any time once it's your club's time to pick. Each club must also select a PRO Head Coach and a FARM Head Coach.

MORE ON COACHES: To keep things fair and semi-realistic, the top 32 rated coaches based on the average of their PH, DF, OF, and PD ratings will only be available for Pro Coach selection: both at the Dispersal Draft, and throughout the current offseason through the end of the 2020-21 season (meaning after the Stanley Cup Final is complete).


This means that if 28 of the 32 top-rated coaches are selected at the Dispersal Draft, the four remaining Top 32 coaches can only be hired for a Pro Head Coach position through the end of the 2021 playoffs.


Once the 2021 offseason begins, any unassigned coach can be hired for either Pro or Farm, and we're basically at "normal". See the Rulebook for more details on Coaches.

SENDING LISTS: We highly recommend everyone send ranked lists whether attending or not (better safe than sorry). If you cannot attend, you must send lists. We will pick the top player available on your list when your pick is up - or, will pick your direction (take top forward on my list, top D on my list, etc.). Please send lists ranking enough players to cover the period of time/# of rounds you'll be missing.

ATTENDING THE DRAFT: If you are able to attend the Dispersal Draft, you can follow one of two ways: either the Live Broadcast (link will be emailed/posted) or via the #beard-draft-channel on Slack (or both!). Read below for specifics if you are attending.

THE PROCESS: Either myself or Mr. Bacon will post in the #beard-draft-channel when it is your turn to select. I will also announce this on the Live broadcast. Teams will have two minutes to make their pick. There will be a visible clock on the live stream, and someone will give one thirty-second warning in the draft-channel to keep things moving.

IF YOU ARE ATTENDING LIVE: Announce that you are ready to make your pick. The clock stops, I will 'clear the air', and leave the floor to you. You may then announce your pick.

IF YOU ARE ON SLACK BUT NOT WATCHING LIVE: You will submit your pick to Commissioner Bacon. He will make sure the pick is viable, and message me. I will then make the selection announcement on the Live broadcast, and Mr. Bacon will post the selection in the draft-channel.

Finally, each team gets one (1) one-minute "extension" to use during each night of the Live draft.

This process will continue as practical (we'll see how it goes beyond the first round). After a team makes their selection, it may be about a minute until we announce the next team is on the clock as we update several things quickly.


AUTOPICKS (Send lists to avoid this!!!): If a GM no-shows their selection and does not send a list, they will lose their spot in that round. Once that round is complete, they will get a random "autopick".

An autopick will consist of a randomly chosen number between 1 and 16, with that number representing the 16 best players that are still available in the Dispersal Draft ("best" determined by OV, and then by age from older to younger).

Any GM that no-shows or no-lists three days or nights worth of selections will be subject to dismissal from BEARD Hockey.

TRADING DURING THE DISPERSAL DRAFT: While no trades may be posted or will be actioned during the Dispersal Draft, we do understand that GM's will discuss making deals. Trading is scheduled to be opened on October 28th.


Any team found to be doing any of the following will be subject to removal from the league:

-- Making an arrangement where Team A tells Team B whom to pick
-- Pledging to move an asset (a draft pick for example) so a team will pass on a particular player

-- Offering assets (including future considerations) to encourage GM's to pick someone who will then be moved to you

Please keep this in mind: Any GM who tries to circumvent the rules or defies the spirit of these rules not be well met. Discussing deals is fine in general - getting specific and making arrangements such as the ones above will result in league discipline.


FINAL TRADING NOTE: For future reference, we have decided that for the upcoming 2020 Entry Draft ONLY, draft picks will not be allowed to be sold (meaning moved for cash only). With everyone's finances at the same starting point, there's no need for teams to be bartering cash only as a means to acquire draft picks.

Once again, GM's are encouraged to send lists to avoid any potential issues!

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