BEARD Hockey Sim Schedule

Last Updated: June 13th, 2021

Regular season games will be simulated Monday through Saturday nights each calendar week with a rest day simulated at the conclusion of Saturday's games - unless otherwise denoted on the schedule below. Each Sunday will be a “no-sim day” with no games played or simmed and no website update - again, unless otherwise denoted below.


SIM UPDATES: POSTED BY 10pm EST (Mon thru Sat)

Playoff schedules will be posted here at the appropriate time. Offseason schedules listed below are HIGHLY TENTATIVE and will be emailed and posted in the BEARD Hockey Forums when official.

The 'Day' number on each calendar date below represents the 'Day' in your team's schedule. Rest days do NOT count as a 'sim day' on your schedule. There may be changes to what is below - these will be announced as necessary!



Playoff games for both Pro and Farm will be simmed daily. All teams will play each day (with one rest day simmed after the game) unless victorious or eliminated.

Monday, July 5th: Round 1 begins

Sunday, July 11th: Round 1 concludes

Monday, July 12th: Round 2 begins

Sunday, July 18th: Round 2 concludes

Monday, July 19th: Round 3 begins

Round 3 will conclude once all remaining series are complete. The Stanley Cup and Calder Cup Finals will begin the following day (the latest date being Monday, July 26th).

The first season of BEARD Hockey will officially conclude on July 31st (or August 1st depending on the length of each Finals).


This schedule is HIGHLY tentative but provides a basic timeline for the when/how/why things will be happening in the 2021 offseason. Please do not assume this is the 'written in stone' timeframe!


Limited trading will be available starting on July 5th (the first day of playoffs). Because the NHL uses "unwritten rules" when it comes to trading during the playoffs (as to not upstage the playoffs themselves), we will be using a similar measure. From this day through the start of the offseason, teams may make trades involving 70 OV or lower players, along with other usual assets (see the Rulebook for full details).


Any player moved during the playoffs will be 'suspended' to prevent teams from using these players in playoff games, as they are not eligible (pro or farm). These suspensions will be lifted on Day 1 of the offseason.

Remember, anyone signed during In-Season UFA talks cannot be dealt until the offseason officially begins. All other trading rules will apply and for clarity purpose, this is still considered the 2020-21 season - the offseason does not officially begin until the date listed below (but again, this is still highly tentative!).

Monday, July 12th: BEARD Hockey Entry Draft Lottery Order Drawing

Monday, July 19th: GM Voting on various Player and GM Awards begins (ends Friday, July 23rd)

Monday, August 2nd thru Sunday, August 15th: League-wide break (no sim or site updates)

Monday, August 16th: Offseason Officially Begins! (Day 1 of offseason)

**Monday, August 16th: In-Season UFA talks may continue (through Sunday, September 19th)**

Monday, August 16th: Retirements are posted (GM's have one week to decide to use a 'retirement save')

Friday, August 20th: BEARD Hockey Season One Awards Ceremony

Monday, August 23rd: League-wide finance update and Slack discussion on Rulebook, etc. (week-long discussion)

**Monday, August 30th: RERATES POSTED - GM's will have five days to decide to use an NHL rerate**

Sunday, September 5th: Deadline for GM Subscription payments ($50 for all GM's for the 2021-22 season)

Monday, September 6th: Final decision for GM's to accept NHL rerate.

Tuesday, September 7th: RFA Qualifying (submit a list of RFA's you wish to qualify; if not qualified, they will become UFA)

Friday, September 10th: RFA Signing and Offer Sheet Period

Saturday, September 18th thru Sunday, September 19th: 2021 BEARD Hockey Entry Draft

Wednesday, September 22nd: Offseason UFA Period begins

Friday, September 24th: Prospect Creation Period Begins

Monday, October 18th: 2021 Preseason begins

Monday, October 25th: 2021-22 Regular Season begins

**= Super highly tentative!