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BEARD Hockey Sim Schedule

Last Updated: June 16th, 2024

Games will be simulated Monday through Sunday night each calendar week. No rest days are simmed unless games cannot be simmed on a particular night - all GM's will be informed when and if this takes place.

LINES FILES and WAIVER CLAIMS: Must be submitted by 8pm ET to be actioned prior to a sim night.

SIM UPDATES POSTED: Between 9pm and 11pm ET (there may be some nights this is later, but never earlier).

Important Upcoming Dates

While the following dates are basically set, unforeseen circumstances may cause a delay or change in this schedule. All GMs will be informed if any changes are made to the dates below.

NOW: Ratings Posted and Updated, Website Reset, Full Trading Opens, Rulebook Updated,  - OFFSEASON OFFICIALLY BEGINS! Thursday, June 13th

NOW: Friendly Buyout Period Begins (see Discord for details!) Friday, June 14th

NOW: Award Voting/Exit Poll sent to all GMs Sunday, June 16th

NOW: LIMITED UPDATES (Commish Break; will update trades as I'm able)

Sunday, June 30th (11:59pm ET): Cut-off for 2024 retirements and overseas signings/other deactivations

Sunday, June 30th (11:59pm ET): Friendly Buyout Period Ends

Monday, July 1st: Signing Bonus Payments due to owed players (click here - see "Signing Bonus Owed" tab!)

Monday, July 1st: Awards Announced on Awards Page

Monday, July 1st: Limited In-Season UFA period opens

Monday, July 8th: ELC Signing Period (details shared via email!)

Wednesday, July 10th: GM Check via Email (all GMs must respond!)

Saturday, July 13th (8pm ET): All ELC offers and GM Checks must be submitted by this date & time!

Sunday, July 14th: RFA Re-signing Period begins

Friday, July 19th (8pm ET): RFA Re-signing Period ends

Friday, July 19th: Offer Sheet Period begins (details shared via email!)

Wednesday, July 24th (8pm ET): Deadline to submit Offer Sheets; Offer Sheets and RFA offers posted

Saturday, July 27th (8pm ET): Deadline to respond to Offer Sheets

Sunday, July 28th (3pm ET): BEARD Hockey Entry Draft (at least 3 rounds live)

Monday, July 29th (and Tuesday, July 30th, if needed): Remaining Entry Draft picks via Discord posting

Tuesday, July 30th: Limited In-Season UFA period ends (all UFAs removed from rosters)

Thursday, August 1st: Offseason UFA period begins!

TBA: Offseason Coach UFA period begins!

Sunday, September 1st: Preseason schedule released!

Sunday, September 15th: Regular Season schedule released!


TBA: Team Preview Window - articles previewing your club ($$ awarded - details on Discord!)

TBA: PRESEASON BEGINS! (4 games per team over 7 nights - no rest days, no farm games)

TBA: Preseason Concludes, Cap Compliant Deadline (8pm ET) - NO EXCEPTIONS!

TBA: Website changeover to Reg Season mode (by 10pm ET)

TBA: Team Preview Window ends (8pm ET); $$ awards given to participating clubs




Friday, November 10th: NO SIM (rest day simmed the night prior)

Friday, December 1st (10pm ET): All UFA No-Trade Clauses are removed!

Thursday, November 23rd: NO SIM (American Thanksgiving - rest day simmed)

Sunday, December 24th thru Tuesday, December 26th: NO SIM (Christmas Break - 3 rest days simmed)

Saturday, January 13th: In-Season UFA Program BEGINS! (11:59pm ET)

Friday, February 2nd through Sunday, February 4th: All-Star Break (ASG posted Sat 2/3 - 3 rest days simmed)

Monday, February 5th: Regular Season Continues (post All-Star break; 3 rest days simmed)

Sunday, March 10th: BEARD Hockey Trade Deadline Day Spectacular (details emailed and on Slack! - no rest day)

Thursday, April 4th through Monday, April 8th: NO SIMS (no rest days - league break; commish's birthday!)

Sunday, April 21st (8pm ET): In-Season UFA Program Ends (will return for a period of time after playoffs!)

Tuesday, April 23rd: FINAL DAY OF REGULAR SEASON! (1 rest day simmed after games simmed)

Saturday, April 27th: 2024 BEARD HOCKEY PLAYOFFS BEGIN!

Friday, May 10th: 2024 BEARD Hockey Draft Lottery!

Friday, June 7th: 2024 BEARD HOCKEY Stanley Cup & Calder Cup Finals Begin!

Thursday, June 13th: Stanley Cup & Calder Cup Finals Conclude

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