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A Long Road Back For Vegas

After the Golden Knights suffered a last place finish in BEARD Hockey last season, GM Neil Loughran knows that changes have to be made.

The Vegas Golden Knights have had a very busy off season so far this year.

After the brutal season last year, finishing last place in the league, changes had to made. Not sure what the previous GM was thinking when he was building his team, but new GM/Owner Neil Loughran has made several changes.

So far to date the team has made 24 trades to try and turn this ship around and to compete for a playoff spot. The biggest move made was bringing in a number 1 center the likes of Evgeni Malkin along with a 2nd line center Nazem Kadri.

A heavy price was paid to bring them in, but the team felt you need to build a team with strong centers, along with a strong defense which is why they also made the trades to bring in work horse Tyler Myers and play maker Kevin Shattenkirk.

The only thing left to fill the core spots was a number 1 goalie, which is why the deal was made to bring in Mike Smith.

With these players added to the team, we feel we have the core to start off the season. 2 strong centers, 2 strong defenseman, and a no #1 goalie. The team just needs to find a supporting cast players to enhance their chances for a playoff spot which management feels they have done.

Will the changes made work? Stay tuned to your favorite team to find out how things go.

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Neznámý člen
23. 9. 2021

solid work, good luck

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