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Brendan Lemieux to follow in his father's footsteps

Habs GM Lennart Westman sought out and acquired the 24-year old Lemieux to join his father Claude in Montreal Canadiens lore.

Brendan Lemieux's father is one of eight players in hockey history to win the Stanley Cup with three different teams - and one of them was the Montreal Canadiens.

Claude Lemieux played for the Habs for seven years and has been described as ”a world-class pest and irritant, but also a clutch scorer”. His son sure seems to be following in dad’s footsteps and is expected to develop his physical game even more with his new club.

GM Lennart Westman hinted in the previous Montreal update article what was going on, and the Canadiens are now proud and happy to officially welcome Brendan Lemieux to the club.

All true Canadiens fans for sure remember Claude and the way he always was a major pain in the ass for the opposition. Even though he spent a good 564 minutes (28.2 full hockey games) in the penalty box during his seven years in Montreal, everyone can agree he definitely contributed to the winning of the Stanley Cup in Montreal, as well as in New Jersey (twice) and Colorado.

The hope now is that son Brendan will contribute in the same way to a new kinds of success in Montreal.

Brendan is still young and doesn’t always know how to best control his game. With great speed and skating skill, he throws his 6’1” and 213-pound body around somewhat recklessly, generating too many penalties. However, with age comes routine and better judgement on when and where to use force, and his minutes spent in the penalty box will diminish.

He is a more-than-welcome addition to the Canadiens roster and maybe, just maybe, he will be able to bring a fifth Cup to the Lemieux family table.

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