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From The Stands: Get To Know Boston

A new series from Kings GM Emile Lakatos! Let's get to know more about the (in)famous Jay Roc, the Bruins GM, and see what makes him tick.

On this installment of From The Stands, we have the Boston Bruins GM Jay Roc. Thanks, Jay, for very candid answers!

As a kid growing up...

Favourite NHL team: Boston Bruins

Favourite NHL player: Joe Thornton

Favourite moment/moments: Going to see the Bruins play in Detroit and beating them badly. I made my own sign that read “I came to see #19 Joe Thornton”. I remember telling my teacher, who was a Wings fan, “I’ll be at that game tonight waving my sign, watch for me!"

The next day she said she didn’t see me, as if I was lying about going. I also went to a game when I was 16 and a guy called Tim Thomas a sieve, so I turned around and said, “Your mom is a sieve.” He looked like he was in his 20s, and pissed, but luckily wasn’t going to beat up a kid…

As an adult?

Profession: Teacher

Married/kids??: No and no.

Has your favourite NHL team as a kid changed? No, but fantasy and simulation hockey has made me grow to enjoy more players and teams - especially from the west. Also, Joe Thornton getting traded to San Jose made that my Western team for the duration.

Favourite moment/moments: My girlfriend at the time bought me tickets for Christmas to see Montreal at Boston, 9th row. However we lived in Windsor, and there were no travel plans to get there and the game was on January 9th and we were university students with no money.

So my dad and I ended up having a road trip and left her at home. During the 2013 playoffs (and most of the season), I watched every Boston game at a bar called Dirty Jersey’s. I became friends with most of the staff and they would constantly razz me about the Bruins; write on my pizza box "the Bruins suck", or make my tab name "the dirty Bruins".

Then for the Boston/Toronto Game 7, the bar was wild and the bartender was feeding me rye shit each time Boston got scored on. And then the deflation of the atmosphere as Boston won was remarkable.

After the game he walked up, poured us a last shot and just said, don’t say a word. Also, going to the Bruins in Toronto for the playoffs in 2019 with my current girlfriend. Even though they lost, they won the series!

Favourite TV Show(s): Entourage, The Simpsons, The Walking Dead, Rules of Engagement, Lost, 24, That 70’s Show, Friends, How I Met Your Mother

Favourite Movie(s): Fight Club, 8 Mile, Happy Gimore, I Love You, Man, Bambi

Other sports you watch? Favourite team or teams? Favourite player(s) in other sports? I used to watch Basketball and my team was the Grizzlies and Jason Williams was my favourite player. I’m in a Fantasy Football league so getting into that, no team but Justin Jefferson is my favourite player and also Stefan Diggs, as long as he doesn’t play like garbage again this week cause I’m in the finals!

If you could change just one thing in the world, what would it be? That my band never broke up and we pressed on to enjoy a successful career. Or be able to resurrect all extinct animals and prevent future extinction. That’s probably a little more monumental...

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