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Grow, Prosper, and OWN Your Way in BEARD Hockey

Welcome to the league you've always wanted but have seldom found. This is BEARD Hockey, the simulation hockey league for serious, dedicated GM's.

Take a look around. Immerse yourself. Read the rules. See all the pages.

And then take the leap - join BEARD Hockey.

But be ready. This isn't the sim league for the average general manager. This is an every day experience. Mirror the life of an NHL GM (minus all of the non-fun stuff of course) by managing every facet of your club until you earn the ultimate prize - Lord Stanley's Cup.

But that's not all. BEARD Hockey is a subscription-based league. Not only does this help to eliminate the riffraff and keep everyone that's here focused on their goals, but we also provide some nice rewards for end-of-season achievements. Plus, the vast majority of the rest of your subscription goes towards keeping this website (and league) going 365 days a year.

BEARD Hockey is fun, too - we're all going to have a blast. But be sure this is the league for you. Apply today (link in the navigation bar under "Main") and we'll be in touch shortly.

Grow and prosper.

Thomas Gidlow

Daniel Bacon

BEARD Hockey Commissioners

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Sep 21, 2020



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Sep 16, 2020

testing 1 2

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