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Meeting the GM of the Canes: Jay Williams

A brief chat with the new Hurricanes GM as recorded just hours prior to the start of the BEARD Hockey Dispersal Draft.

Bobby Muggins here, your Hurricanes team correspondent. The inaugural BEARD Hockey Dispersal Draft is only hours away and I had a chance to call the GM of the Hurricanes and have a brief chat with him. The transcript is as follows:

Bobby Muggins: Thanks for taking the time out to talk with me on this exciting day in BEARD Hockey History Mr. Williams.

Jay Williams: Not at all Bobby. Today has been both busy preparing for tonight and also exciting.

BM: Tell us a little bit about yourself so our fans can get to know the man behind their BEARD Hockey League Carolina Hurricanes.

JW: Sure. Well, I have loved hockey since I can remember and have been following the NHL Hurricanes since 2002. Living in Ontario, Canada, you don't find many others rooting for a team from North Carolina. I have four boys, happily married for 7 years and I am 42 years old.

BM: Well, I am sure your love for the Carolina Hurricanes will drive you to put a great team on the ice here in BEARD Hockey for years to come. Any thoughts as who could be on your radar for the first 3 rounds tonight?

JW: Heh, nice try Bobby. My staff and I (a can of Pringles and a Coors Light) have been kind of keeping things mum for the most part. Most likely, we will fill out a good centerman and a goaltender in the first three rounds, but that's all I am saying.

BM: Fair enough Mr Williams. Thanks for your time today and we look forward to seeing this team take shape over the next little bit.

JW: It was my pleasure Bobby. GO Canes!!!

There you have it folks. Short and sweet. I believe our Hurricanes are in good hands with Jay Williams and have all the faith that the Bunch of Jerks he drafts to fill out the roster will be great for all hockey fans. Until next time Caniacs, TAKE WARNING.....

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 05, 2020

So How did you become a Canes fan anyway?

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