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Season Preview: The Winnipeg Jets

The first order of business for GM Mat Peltier was to prepare and come up with a game plan for the BEARD Hockey Dispersal Draft.

We spoke to the Jets GM about his plan prior to the draft and here is what he had to say.

“Well, dispersal drafts are very interesting in the first five to seven rounds. You have an idea of who you are going to pick, but it’s not always the best player that is available. It’s the positions you need to fill.”

Peltier continued to address how exactly he filled his roster out and the plan he had for the Jets.

“Basically it’s very simple. With our new team and building a future, we started from the net out selecting Helleybuyck first overall. We then added star-studded defenceman John Klingberg and then moved on to our forward group."

"But during our first few selections we decided to pull the trigger on a backup goaltender as well with selecting Alexandar Georgiev. We really wanted to select a few other players that were available, but we wanted to watch our cap spending. We selected the best suited players for the future of our team - players with term and players with a great morale compass."

Moving on to the Entry Draft, the Jets selected highly-touted Dylan Holloway. For Peltier, this one hit close to home as Holloway played for the Okotoks Oilers and Peltier has followed his career for the past six seasons.

The Jets are built very well with plenty of depth players at all positions. Winnipeg has also been linked to a few possible deals. Peltier did make it known during the Dispersal Draft and Entry Draft that he would most likely not make any moves until the full team was built. It’s possible now that the team is built, he may look to acquire or move assets to shore up his training camp roster.

This is Peter Lou at Dias with your Jets update.

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