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Thornton decides to ride off into the sunset

The 42-year old had a productive campaign, but unless the Kraken use a retirement save, will be calling it a career from BEARD Hockey play.

Joe Thornton announced his retirement from BEARD Hockey on Wednesday, bringing an amazing 24-year professional career to a close after appearing in 81 games for the Seattle Kraken this past season.

The retirement is of course pending the use of a retirement save, which Kraken GM David Springgay may use next month to retain Thornton's services for one additional season.

Thornton contributed 13 goals and 20 assists while winning nearly 52% of his faceoffs in his final season in BEARD Hockey. The likely hall-of-fame centreman has appeared in over 1600 NHL games, with 425 goals, 1,104 assists, and 1,529 points in his storied career.

"Seattle was good to me," said Thornton, who left three additional years and $4 million per season on the table in announcing his retirement. "I know there's a shot I might be back for one more run, but I'm good with my decision either way. I've had a heck of a career."

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