BEARD Hockey Terms of Service (Updated July 19, 2021)

BEARD Hockey (aka "the League" for purposes of this TOS) is a subscription-based simulation hockey league using the STHS Simulator. Those who become members in the League (herein known as "GM's") manage every facet of their clubs; from finances to trades, farm teams, developing their players and prospects, and much more.


As stated on our Subscriptions page, 100% of subscription revenue is put back into the league in the form of:

-- Website Hosting and Ascend Form costs

-- Domain Management

-- One-time costs; initial domain package, Draft Guides, etc.

-- Seasonal Awards, including the BEARD Hockey Championship Title Belt (awarded to each Stanley Cup Champion)

By entering the League, you agree on and acknowledge the following:

-- Subscription to the League is $50 USD per calendar year. This amount is due by calendar date on our Sim Schedule page each offseason. The "offseason" begins once announced by a League Commissioner; generally, this occurs around June or July each calendar year.

-- Method of payment will be emailed to the GM shortly after being hired. After payment has been completed, we will send a list of initial responsibilities (such as creating a Forum account, a "blog" account, and so forth). Subscriptions are processed by the method of payment agreed upon and any information used in such a transaction is not seen or stored by the League (exception for Name and Email information to identify the GM purchasing the subscription).

-- GM's hired during the regular season or playoffs can pay a pro-rated subscription cost. This amount cannot be less than $25 USD. This is determined by the point of the schedule at the date of hire using the total # of estimated days in the regular season and playoffs.

-- If a GM fails to pay the subscription in the time allotted, a League Commissioner will email the GM for an explanation. If one is not received, or if a resolution cannot be made, the GM will be removed (fired) from the League.

-- Delays in the League schedule may occur as a result of "real-life happenings". In the case of any delay, the League Commissioners will give ample notice to its GM's via email.

-- If a Member is unable to pay their subscription when it is due, they are instructed to please contact a League Commissioner immediately. A GM is not required to provide detailed explanations as to why they may be having difficulty with their subscription payment. However, failure to contact us to discuss it will likely result in the GM being fired from the League.

-- GM's acknowledge that the act of subscribing to the League does not guarantee or create the expectation of receiving any award or the like unless otherwise noted in this Terms of Service or the League Rulebook (link in the footer below).

-- In any and all cases, GM's will not be eligible to receive a refund for any reason. When considering joining the League, be sure this is what you want to do!


The League (in this instance, we refer to the League Commissioners) is responsible for the daily upkeep of the website, maintaining the league schedule (exception for delay, with notice, as stated above), running simulations during the pre-season, regular season, and playoffs, updating the website in a timely manner, managing its GM's, and providing the best possible atmosphere for league interaction and general enjoyment.

League Commissioners are also responsible with the timely mailing of league awards as it relates to the achievements that warrant such awards. These awards, which have virtually no re-sell or monetary value, are specified in the League Rulebook.

The League will not make any cash payments in lieu of awards. Any taxes, reporting, or other responsibility in receiving a league award solely rests with the recipient.


GM's are responsible for the activity requirements as outlined in the League Rulebook. Failure to adhere to those guidelines may result in disciplinary actions, up to and including removal from the League.

Poor Behavior, Bullying, and/or Derogatory Comments: GM's are expected to be respectful and courteous to all League members at all times. Any GM found to be engaging in poor behavior towards another GM will be subject to disciplinary actions as outlined in the League Rulebook. Any GM found to be engaged in bullying, using racial slurs, making obviously derogatory, sexist, or homophobic comments (either directed at another GM or not), and the like will be subject to immediate removal from the League.


In the unlikely event of the League being discontinued, GM's can expect a portion of their yearly subscription cost returned to them. This amount will be based on the point of the yearly schedule if such discontinuation occurs.


Once hired, all GM's inherently agree to the Terms of Service above as described, and further agree to Hold Harmless the League and its Commissioners from any and all personal injury or harm in general as it relates to participation in the League. GM's also agree to refrain from taking any legal, civil, or similar-type action as a result of their participation in the League (exception for observed illegal behavior).

If any GM feels they are being mistreated by a League Commissioner or GM at any time, they can contact Commissioner Gidlow via email at