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Anaheim Introduces Their First Round Pick

During a break in today’s intrasquad game, the fans got a huge surprise - when we say huge, we mean 6'3" and 214-pound Jesper Wallstedt huge.

As promised by GM Michael Stafford, the Anaheim Ducks have been live-streaming their practices and intrasquad games.

Surrounded by Coaches David Quinn and John Stevens, a few players stood nearby who even on skates could not match the height of this giant of a man.

So, who is Jesper Wallstedt?

"The first thing we noticed and stood out when researching players for this past draft was that Jesper always played on teams above his age group," said Quinn. "We watched a lot of film and Jesper also shows maturity, not being rattled by goals or traffic around his net.

"He keeps his composure and is ready to make the next save no matter what the situation."

Wallstedt will battle for playing time on the San Diego Gulls with another rookie just signed in Drew Commesso.

"Wallstedt is a great skater," added Stevens, the Gulls head coach. "He rarely needs to make big saves, or rely on athleticism, because his skating ability and anticipation leave him in the perfect position to deal with shots simply most of the time."

The future between the pipes seems a little brighter for the Anaheim Ducks organization with the off-season acquisition of Calvin Peterson - only bolstered with the signing of Wallstedt and the addition of Commesso to the farm roster.

Lastly, Quinn was asked how important goaltenders really are in BEARD Hockey. Before Quinn answered, he looked up at Wallstedt and smiled.

"A hot goalie can swing a game or series quicker than anything else."

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