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The Bread Man Cometh

Just in case you haven’t heard “The Breadman” Artemi Panarin has packed his hockey gear and moved to Anaheim to play for the Ducks.

“What” you say! Artemi Panarin has been traded to the Ducks? How is that possible? What was the deal?

It is true! The Anaheim Ducks traded fan favorite Teuvo Teravainen and former #1 draft pick Jake Sanderson to the St. Louis Blues for Artemi Panarin and prospect Cross Hanas.

We here at Hockey World Magazine were first to arrive at the Honda Center to talk to General Manager Michael Stafford while the beat reports are all are on the road with the home team Ducks. Stafford explained his reasoning for the deal.

“First, I want to verbally welcome Artemi to Anaheim and when the Ducks return from Detroit, we will make that welcome official with him in a televised Q & A with reporters right here on the Honda Center ice. Our hometown fans will also be welcome inside to see this interview live.”

Stafford went on to praise Teravainen who was having a great year scoring wise. “He is a versatile player and will be missed. I hope we get a chance to return him to Anaheim in the future.”

As for Sanderson, Stafford wasn’t as praiseful saying "sometimes, #1 picks need a few years to develop enough skills to play in the NHL. Jake was injured a few times the past two seasons and was a little behind schedule. We wish him all the luck in St. Louis.”

Back to Panarin, Stafford explained, “the Ducks are having a wonderful season, but we have slowed down a bit and have been stuck in the Wild Card spot most of the season with other teams creeping upon us. We as an organization decided to go all out for the playoffs and hopefully contend for the Stanley Cup.

"I felt we needed to make a move. A big move. Excuse me guys but I need to catch a flight to Detroit and talk to my team before tonight’s game.”

Before Stafford left the Honda Center, we asked him if this is the last roster move he will make this season?

“I’m not ruling that out, guys. I’ll see you when the Ducks return home.”

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