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The Ducks are Starting to Fly

At times it is tough for the Anaheim Ducks to compete in BEARD Hockey. They have smallish wings, so soaring like rival teams isn’t an option.

The Ducks wings must flap fast. They must be nimble and able to dodge defensive obstacles to pass and shoot with precision.

“After a sluggish start, the Ducks are starting to fly,” says coach David Quinn. “Our wings are making things happen on the ice.”

When asked what the recent success and what formula the coaching staff is using for game planning, Quinn simply said, “We have a bunch of similar players that can play multiple positions on the offensive side. This makes us versatile.

"I think that plays to our advantage. We can mix and match and change personal on all our lines and don’t miss a beat. This makes it hard for other teams to game plan against us.”

It also helps that the Ducks are playing decent defensively and the goaltending is starting to gel. And the fans - well, let's just say they are back.

I don’t want to jinx us Ducks, but just maybe...

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