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Finally Healthy, Will The Lightning Strike?

It took more than a quarter of the season to pass before Tampa Bay finally got some games under their belt with a 100% healthy lineup.

The previous regime in Tampa seemed to be questioned at every turn. Looking back, fans and ownership point out the many outcomes of those questions.

After a house cleaning of the organization, fans and ownership had one burning question coming out of their mouths: please do not let that 1st that was traded away end up a top pick.

Current GM and Team President Wes Mucyk was hired this past summer just days prior to the free-agent period. He quickly got to work and brought in a whole new organization pretty much. From the top to the bottom there are new faces.

Then it was time for the frenzy. With only five pro forwards signed, things did not look good. The end result was Derick Brassard as the top free-agent prize for the Lightning. It was a disappointment for sure.

A shotty patchwork roster headed into the season with the pick potential looming over its head. Tampa started the season 1-1-0. Then in only game #3 came their first key injury.

From there the team has had at least one of its top three centers out of its lineup. Cody Eakin was the first to drop. Then it was Eakin and Kirby Dach out. Quickly after Eakin returned, it was Auston Matthews out along with Dach.

Finally, only a few days ago, a healthy lineup hit the ice for the Lightning. Now after landing their 3rd straight win, some positive vibes are starting to strike around the team.

Prior to the season, fans and the organization, I believe, would've been happy with a club that played .500 hockey throughout the season and at least competed every night.

Now with the appearance of better play, a hope of climbing the standings just even a few spots would be cause for happy days in the storm.

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