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Greene ready to call it a career

The 38-year old had an excellent season, but unless Tampa Bay uses a retirement save, will be calling it a career from BEARD Hockey play.

Andy Greene announced plans to retire from BEARD Hockey on Friday, bringing a workmanlike 15-year professional career to a possible close after appearing in 82 games for the Tampa Bay Lightning this past season.

The retirement is of course pending the use of a retirement save, which Lightning GM Tyler Hetherington may use next month to retain Greene's services for one additional season.

Green had 3 goals and 25 assists while being a +20 in his possibly final season in BEARD Hockey. The consistent defenseman has appeared in nearly 1,000 NHL games with 254 points in his solid career.

"I've enjoyed coming to the rink every day," said Greene, who would be leaving three additional years and $5 million per season on the table if Tampa Bay doesn't use his retirement save. "Tampa has been incredible and it's been a pleasure working with this group. I couldn't ask for a better place to finish things out."

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