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It's a 'Bellwether" Day in Ottawa

The long-awaited news of who will be counted on to build and shape a winning franchise in Ottawa as been announced.

Hometown Ottawa boy Mike Bell will be in the driver's seat to bring the BEARD Hockey Stanley Cup to the city of Ottawa.

When asked why he was chosen, Bell had this to say:

“My experience speaks for itself. Most teams I've managed in the past 20 years have been successful. I knew I was the one for the job."

Bell continued, laying down the expectations of his franchise:

"It's now time to build this team from the ground up. The objective right off the bat is no less than the Stanley Cup. Plus, we want to have a good farm system to make Ottawa a winning franchise year after year."

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1 comentario

Miembro desconocido
29 sept 2020

Great article Mike, You'll have to go through Vancouver to get to the cup!

Me gusta
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