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Lightning Find Their Man in Mucyk

The Lightning's search for a new GM ends as Tampa Bay confirmed yesterday via their social media account the signing of Wes Mucyk.

Newly-hired Lightning GM Wes Mucyk will be the franchise's 2nd general manager. The social media posting tells us that he will be taking on a GM/team president role.

The new GM took questions earlier today, but started with one of his own.

"So what is the deal with lampshades?" said the new GM and Team President. The confused look on all the press members faces had said it all.

Then a man sitting on a chair by the back door, a man who clearly had himself a Hunter S. Thompson kind of night, began to shout in mumbles.

"Yes, I know sir, you used to do drugs, you still do. But you used to too," quipped Mucyk.

"Ladies and gentlemen I thank you all for being here today, on what is a very happy and exciting day for both me and my family. We are very thankful to the Tampa Bay Lightning organization and to BEARD Hockey for this great opportunity.

"Before everyone starts popping out all the usual questions, at this point know that I will be taking a few days to get to know the organization. Me and my lovely assistant Kate Beckinsale will start by looking through all the available free agents and focus on signing some of those.

"Then we plan to take a deep dive into our prospects, hopefully we can do that on Monday. After a few days have past since free agency started we can then begin to look at our roster and decide if we appear to be competitive or go for a rebuild.

"I can tell you our core will be that 1-2 punch we have down the middle of Auston Matthews and Kirby Dach. We are thrilled to have MacKenzie Blackwood defending our net. If we do decide to go rebuild I think our forward group is safe, but our blueline would become available.

"After that we plan to look into all of our off ice staff. Coaches, doctors, scouts, even our assistant GM. So for the next week or so we will not be taking any calls. After that you could see our D on the block, along with most of our farm, minus Nic Robertson and we will be moving some prospects as we try and bring in more of my type of prospects.

"Within a year or two, my stamp will be all over this organization."

Wes Mucyk brings years of experience through various hockey related avenues. As a GM he has his name on 2 championships in the Atlantic Hockey League and 1 in the initial Couch Coach Hockey League to go along with several fantasy titles.

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