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Nashville waits patiently to land "legend" General Manager

The self-proclaimed "no brainer first ballot Hall of Famer" brings years of extensive hockey experience to the Predators GM position.

Many questioned why the Nashville Predators took so long to hire their GM. The answer was clear to everyone when they landed the legend Scott Davidson.

He is a no brainer first ballot Hall of Famer. Anyone can get an Eric Wolf or an Aaron Sanderson, or even a Shaun Young. But to land the greatest in Scott Davidson is another level of greatness.

Scott is a long-standing GM in the sim world being a part of 17 leagues over his career. Many come and many go, but some last forever. Scott stopped trying other leagues that always tend to fail about 5 years ago when he spent his focus on just 2. The PHL (Perennial Hockey League) established in 2005 and the VHL (Virtual Hockey League) which was created in 2006 by Eric Wolf.

Later in that first year, Eric was forced to transition the league to Scott and the league blew up the sim world. Eric was returned to the league a couple years later where the pair have taken this league to another level. VHL is well known thru sim channels and has a collection of the smartest GM's I’ve seen in any league.

Scott, aside from being a 4-time VHL champion, is also a PHL he has no doubt a championship is in short order here in the BEARD league.

Aside from sim hockey, Scott spends his time with his wife and two kids, doing a lot of camping, fishing, and boating in the spring, summer and fall. “We are always outside all year round. My kids are 8 and 6 and love outside, even all winter. I bring them up old school."

Ice fishing is a focus of the winter months and the Davidson's are very family-oriented. He changed jobs last year to something with much more normal hours, and is now working in the propane industry.

Scott is a huge Bruins fan (Cam Neely is the reason why). He's also a lover of football and is a Patriots fan. Scott played hockey himself from the age of three and still plays today when he gets the chance.

So why, after all this time, did he finally join another league? Why the BEARD hockey league?

Really, it comes down to this: there is an opportunity here for this league to succeed where others don’t. The guys assembled in the league says a lot about the commitment level. There are so many familiar faces and great leadership. I am loving the chance to see this league succeed as ours has. Beating Wolf also is a plus too.

Good luck all! Thanks for the opportunity.

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Unknown member
Oct 02, 2020

It's fitting you're the Predators.. considering a sabre tooth tiger is prehistoric and fossilized... just like their general manager


Unknown member
Oct 02, 2020

"I sell Pro-pane and Pro-pane accessories...." - Scott (Hank) Davidson

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