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New Bruins GM: "Time to scare teams"

The Boston Bruins announced Mike Ostrom as the new general manager, bringing back a taste of attitude that the Bruins once had.

It wasn’t that long ago where Mike Millbury was hitting a fan with a shoe, where Gregory Campbell broke his leg blocking a shot and killed off the penalty, and Milan Lucic terrorized opponents all night long.

Heck, if you were on the bench during the Don Cherry days, you better be putting the puck in the net, or out there blocking shots and throwing hits.

On Thursday the Boston Bruins introduced Mike Ostrom as the new GM of the franchise, and he wants the Bruins to return to their roots.

“Bruins hockey has always been a mix of star power and grit," said Ostrom. "I want to return to those days where we can light it up on the board, but also make opponents not want to play us.

"Its time to scare teams again, not be scared.”

'GMMO', as he's now known, came in and made some immediate changes. First, he announced that Dropkick Murphy’s will be playing the anthem at all future home games to get the team pumped up. He has also retired Blades the Bruin as the mascot and woke up the Bruins Bear from hibernation.

“Our attitude needs to bleed right through the franchise," stated Ostrom. "If you aren’t one of us, you are against us. Only one team wins the Stanley Cup at the end of the season, and everyone else is a loser. I don’t want to be everyone else.”

When asked about the roster and coaches and if any changes will come, GMMO responded with, “I will always listen to a trade. If it makes this team better, then I am all for it. But we have a very solid foundation here with some stars, some prospects, and staff.

"I will be taking a look over the next 7 days to see where I can make some changes. Teams shouldn’t be shy to come and talk, but don’t expect to pull one over on me. I know what I have and I know what I want. I want to compete now.”

GMMO had the players over for dinner yesterday where he provided cold Philly Cheesesteaks, Montreal Poutine with shredded cheese instead of curds, and room temperature Steamwhistle Beer.

When asked about the food selection he mentioned, “I wanted the team to have a shitty taste in their mouths from these other squads we are facing. I also wanted to see how smart they were. Luckily only one player ate the undercooked Buffalo wings. He is now on the trade block.”

GMMO says his office line is always open, so "don’t be shy to inquire about any player." However, don’t be confused if you call his office and it’s a different secretary (he is already on #2).

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Feb 07, 2021

Welcome to the league Mike!

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