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Rangers set for Initial BEARD Hockey Season

Things were already looking up with the hire of GM Sean McAndrews. But earning the top spot in the Dispersal Draft was icing on the cake.

The Rangers, and GM Sean McAndrews, were eagerly anticipating the start of the inaugural BEARD Hockey season. But the fact that they have won the ability to pick 1st overall was certainly an unexpected surprise.

The first question McAndrews was asked was an obvious one: will Connor McDavid be the first overall pick?

"Well, we have to wait and see what all of our scouts think," responded McAndrews. "But he is certainly in the mix."

McAndrews then winked and made a 'double guns' shooting motion.

The questions then turned to McAndrews' broader philosophy for the Rangers storied franchise.

"An organization like the Rangers and a city like New York deserves a winner. We are going to build one here and build it quick."

"With that said, long term success is about talent identification and development as it is impossible to buy your way out of trouble in the cap era," continued McAndrews. "I've got a talented group of amateur and pro scouts that will help us create a winner now and into the future."

McAndrews does have a history of building a winner. In the rival SCHL, he has a history of drafting high-end talent and finding hidden gems in the later rounds.

Some general background on the new GM:

- Home town: Red Deer, AB

- Current home: Calgary, AB

- Profession: CPA

- Children: 3

- Dogs: 2

- Wife: 1

- Favorite NHL team: Calgary Flames

- All-time favorite player: Jerome Iginla

- Current favorite player: Matthew Tkachuk

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 02, 2020

"McAndrews then winked and made a 'double guns' shooting motion." - Priceless......

Also, love the Wife:1

Well done!

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