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Rumors coming out of Colorado...

Who is the mystery man behind the impending hire of the new Avalanche general manager?

Interest is piquing in the Mile High State

Beat Reporter Chubby Dyck reporting live from outside the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

“Speculation has been rampant this week about potential GM’s for the initial season of the Beard Sim Hockey league."

Various high profile NHL GM’s have been in and out of town for interview’s but this weekend the Avalanche’s private jet made surprise stop in Lacombe Alberta, to pick up an unnamed passenger. Lacombe is an agricultural hotspot but also has deep hockey roots, with the Lacombe Generals one of the top Senior “A” mens’ hockey programs.

This reporter however has learned the Av’s met with Vince Gibbons. Who is this mysterious man?

He is a veteran of two Sim leagues based on NHL and WHL competition. He was washed up early in his peewee playing career and knew if he wanted to stay in the game it would have to be in his own imagination, hence sim hockey. Recently married just last year, the father of three is preparing to get his kids back in school this September so he can free up the nessessary time to draft 847 players for the Beard Hockey League.

While the Av’s brass has not confirmed anything from the outside looking in it seems as though the deal has been done. Moves are starting to be made and Gibbons’ has already told his day job that production will never be the same again. All signs point to him being the chosen person to lead this team in their inaugural season.

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