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Ryan ready to shoulder the load as Ducks captain

After losing their top scorer and former team captain, Bobby Ryan looked very nervous when he was called into GM Michael Stafford’s office.

Sean Monahan, and now former team captain Mark Giordano. Both are now ex-Ducks, having been moved in separate deals.

So you can't blame Bobby Ryan for his apprehension when he was called from the practice ice into Michael Stafford’s office late last week.

After a 25-minute meeting Ryan looked relieved when he returned to practice.

Reporters surrounded the NHL veteran who quickly announced that he wouldn’t take any questions at this time, but he did have a brief comment.

“As you all know,” Ryan started, “after the disappointing season, the management has made a number of roster moves to shake things up a bit. Without a doubt that has happened. GM Mike Stafford called me into his office to explain those moves. I am now the captain of the Ducks and I truly believe, as does our General Manager, that the Anaheim Ducks will improve and move forward this season following the lack of good play and hustle on the ice that left

us missing the playoffs last season.”

Ryan took a deep breath to gain his composure, then continued.

“It's obviously frustrating. For lack of better words, it stinks right now. People have opinions and they can say what they want, and rightfully so, but I really believe in the team, and I really believe in all the players on the team -- the core group especially. I truly believe that we are going to get it done. We're going to be better from our losses, and from the adversity that we faced. I’m extremely disappointed. But it will just feel that much better when we eventually get to the top."

Anaheim will attempt to do that with several new payers, that includes Teuvo Teravainen, Nick Paul, Cam Atkinson, Mathew Dumba, John Moore, and others. Anaheim will depend on its core of Bobby Ryan, Cal Clutterbuck, Matt Duchene, Logan Couture and Frank Vatrano just to name a few.

Before returning to practice, Ryan had one more thing to say.

“I don't think that's news to us," said Ryan. "We know that's how the GM feels. When he reiterates that, it gives us confidence moving forward. That's all you can ask for, that your general manager and all your teammates truly believe in one another"

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