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Show Me The Money

Greed has taken over the world, and more specifically, greed has taken over professional sports, the game of hockey, and everything else.

As money became the controller of sports, these sports lost the concept of being a sport and became a business. Rightfully or wrongfully, our innocence in believing in these larger-than-life figures was corrupted.

Loyalty to community left the sporting scene, as did the loyalty of players to a local community. "Chase the dollar" became the cry in the free-agency era.

In his latest press conference, Anaheim Ducks coach David Quinn ranted about players that put their wallets ahead of the team.

“Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works.” What the famous Gordon Gekko character, played by Michael Douglas in the classic 1987 film “Wall Street,” tries to sell everyone is a bunch of hogwash.

Quinn was asked about which specific players that are in his crosshairs and he didn’t hold anything back.

“Specifically, there are two players I have in mind. One is Devon Toews who came to us a few weeks ago after being traded by multiple teams. That alone should have raised a red flag. He has no goals and eight assists all season. Instead of Toews negotiating in good faith, he has chosen to test the market when the season ends.

"The other player is Nicolas Deslauriers who has demanding nearly double his salary. Something we are not going to give him.”

The reporter then asks, “What do you intend to do with Toews and Deslauriers for the remainder of the season?”

Quinn answered, "Nothing is set in stone but let me make it clear. I say who plays or not on this team. Toews has been Toews has been dangled for a possible trade. If he isn’t traded by next game, he will be a healthy scratch until I say he plays.

"And Nicolas Deslauriers. Well, he might just be headed to the San Diego Gulls for the rest of the season. That’s if he passes waivers.”

The reporter follows up with, “Isn’t that a little harsh, coach?”

Quinn stares the reported down and waits for a few seconds until her gives a measured response.

“I’m all old school when it comes to sports. Athletes are role models to young fans. They should be teaching fans about teamwork, working hard, devotion to the team, and respect. Instead, they teach us about switching teams if the money being offered is not enough, about not working at all if you do not get enough money, and about not respecting teammates.

"This is a bad message for future athletes, professional or not.”

With that said Quinn announced the press conference over. He adjusted his tie and walked out of the room.

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