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Small, the "best candidate", takes 'Yotes into Dispersal Draft

The new Arizona GM will oversee the entirety of the club’s hockey operations as the Coyotes begin their course in Friday's Draft.

Phoenix, Ari. -  Majority Owner, Chairman, and Governor of the Arizona Coyotes Alex Merulo officially announced this week the hiring of Colin Small as the General Manager of the Arizona Coyotes.

Along with the club’s hockey operations, Small will take charge of all matters relating to player and coaching staff personnel, scouting, and minor league operations.

Small joins the Coyotes after four years as the General Manager of the Ottawa Senators of Fantrax’s VHL. The native of San Francisco, CA, joined the Senators in 2015 as the general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins before the team’s relocation to Ottawa. In his time with the Ottawa organization, Small took a struggling team from 2nd-to-last place in the regular season in 2015 to 3rd-best place in the 2019-2020 season, placing the team third in total goals scored and first in total assists, shots on goal, and power play points.

"We are thrilled to welcome Colin Small as General Manager of the Arizona Coyotes," said Merulo. “Colin is a leader who possesses the passion, knowledge and work ethic needed to instill a winning culture in all aspects of our business. He was an integral part of the success and growth of the Ottawa Senators organization from player evaluation and scouting to contract negotiations and cap management."

"With Colin as our new GM, we are thrilled to begin the first chapter of Coyotes hockey in BEARD Hockey."

Despite his recent success and past tenure, Small is still considered a newcomer to the esteemed group of BEARD Hockey general managers, having not come from a traditional hockey background.

“Perspective is key in this sport," humbly stated Small. "While I bring a fresh perspective from the world outside of hockey, I do not have the same seasoned eyes as the other managers of this league. Thus it’s my duty as the general manager of the Coyotes to surround myself with key staff that do.”

Small has not stated who will be joining his management staff, but rumor says that long-time Arizona Coyote Shane Doan is among those Small has interviewed.

When pressed on Small’s non-hockey background, Merulo defended his hiring.

“In our search for a general manager, we interviewed the best of management staff, from truly venerable general managers to those with less direct hockey experience than Small," said Merulo. "It was all to find the manager who best fit our needs and best exemplified the values of the Coyotes organization. In the end, that best general manager was Small."

"Do not mistake my words: we would not have hired Small if he was not the best candidate.”

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