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Stafford says 'hold on to your hats'

After a disappointing season, the GM of the Ducks promises sweeping changes for both the Pro and Farm Rosters heading into the new campaign.

Frustration can be a great motivator for change — especially in BEARD Hockey.

“I would say that’s an understatement,” Michael Stafford said when asked after the closing game of last season if he was willing to make big changes.

“As soon as the season is over, we’ll have conversations and a lot of that stuff will play itself out,” Stafford said. “Regardless of the circumstance, we will be prepared for anything that may happen.

"We’re not happy with the results this year or the direction. We’re not happy with some of the things we’re seeing on and off the ice. We’ll meet with people Monday, and it may run over to Tuesday. Then we’ll make some decisions.”

There is also a large element of unknown when it comes to the Ducks future. There has been speculation on the future of head coach David Quinn and farm coach John Stevens. And expected to be shelved soon after are the tenures of multiple members of the front office.

Stafford wasn’t kidding around. Soon after the season ended, he sold the rights of Dmitry Orlov to Montreal then added defender John Moore to take his place.

Then the bombshell. Stafford announced the trade of future superstar and the team’s leading scorer Sean Monahan and veteran James Van Riemsdyk to Ottawa. In return, the Ducks get versatile Teuvo Teravainen, veteran Cam Atkinson, and two youngsters in Jakob Pelletier and Pius Suter.

“I know some fans will be disappointed in losing Monahan,” Stafford said. “But as promised changes needed to be made.

"Hold on to your hats!"

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