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The Ducks' Never-Quit Attitude

Anaheim Ducks GM Michael Stafford says "competition and success doesn't come easily" after evaluating the team 20% into their first season.

“It's one of the great lessons of hockey."

Anaheim GM Michael Stafford is pleased after evaluating his Ducks team a fifth of the way into the first BEARD Hockey season. He doesn't mince words, however, about the reality of their tenuous position.

“We live in a culture where the goal seems to be making life as comfortable as possible; we try to get the most comfortable houses and the most comfortable cars. But our team is not filled with kids. We are blessed with veteran players and with the attitude that comes with that badge of honor.”

The roster is in total agreement with their general manager and coach. Team captain and veteran defenseman Mark Giordano, after a meeting with Coach David Quinn, said “we as a team embrace the tough challenge and accept it without getting down on ourselves. We don't start feeling sorry for ourselves or compare ourselves to other teams who seem to have easier challenges."

"I think that captures the essence of perseverance. It’s a love of challenges, a love of life, and competition – when it's hard, and also when it's easy.”

Quinn added, “There’s no quit in this team or in the Gulls. Both teams started slowly but seem ready make a run. I’ve asked our GM to hold off on trade talks for the time being to give our guys the chance to gel as a team. He has agreed to do so.”

“Its easy to get impatient as a new GM," said Stafford. "Luckily I have a roster full of players that believe in themselves and their teammates. There is a distinct possibility with this kind of attitude that Mark Giordano will be skating the ice of the Honda Center raising the Stanley Cup."

To enforce that kind of perseverance and attitude, Giordano invited a friend into the locker room before their last game.

“So, I gave my friend Craig Benson a call. He was a SEAL Platoon Commander and suffered wounds in Afghanistan which led to the loss of both his legs.”

Without detail of what Platoon Commander Benson said, Giordano added, “That for the rest of the season we will wear Navy Seal t-shirts with the words NEVER QUIT beneath our game sweaters.”

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Unknown member
Jan 26, 2021

Good writeup Michael

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