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The Fans Quack Back

The Anaheim Ducks seem to have skated by with minimum effort last season. And in turn, the club may have lost the connection with their fans.

"Over the past season, it has become more evident that the Anaheim Ducks are behind on the times," said one fan, who chose to remain anonymous. "Not only with their coaching philosophies, dump and chase tactics, and overall on-ice performance. But especially with their public image and fan engagement.

"As difficult as it is, it’s time to call them out. Mediocrity is no longer acceptable."

Ducks General Manager Michael Stafford has heard them loud and clear. He has made wholesale changes on the roster, which now includes bringing in Alex Tuch. Tuch has immediately become a fan favorite and his replica jersey is selling out.

"I’m originally from Baldwinsville, NY just outside Syracuse," said another fan. "In fact, we lived just down the road from the Tuch Family. Alex is going to liven up the Honda Center for sure."

Yet another fan has organized the fan-based Quack Pack. He too is what some southern US folk call a 'yankee'.

"I am an implant from New York (living in Anaheim)," the fan said. "Used to be a huge Rangers fan with season tickets in the Blue Seats where all the rowdies were. We are going to do the same here in Anaheim. About one hundred and fifty of us have purchased season tickets way up in the rafters of the Honda Center in sections 433 and 434 across the ice from the Duck Bench.

"The players and coaches will definitely see and hear us. We expect more fans to join in."

Stafford has also taken steps to engage with and give their fans a unique at-home experience.

"We have started to livestream practices and scrimmages," said the GM. "During breaks from the action, we will play player interviews and tips for the younger fans on how to play the game. We will have more fan giveaways and prizes. We are determined to get our fan base back."

The last fan interviewed added this sentiment, potentially signaling a turnaround in Ducks fandom for the coming season.

"We are all about Pucks and Feathers here in Anaheim. Go Ducks!"

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 23, 2021

Good stuff. Quack quack quack Mr.Ducksworth

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