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Time for a New Era in Smashville

With Nashville without a GM for the first quarter of the season, the Preds finally found their man in former Winnipeg GM Mathew Peltier.

Peltier brings 12 years of sim hockey experience, and over the years he has built several teams - be it from the ground up or taking over a team and turning it into a Cup contender.

"I think being a part of BEARD Hockey and coming in to take on the duty as GM for this amazing organization is a huge accomplishment," said Peltier. "There is a lot of potential here and I feel like we can go many places with what we have.

"When you have a trio of Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, David Krejci, and top it off with Mark Scheifele and Zack Hyman, we have the building blocks for success."

The Preds sit last in the Central Division and have a record of 8-12-2. With expiring contracts in Bergeron and Krejci at year's end, Nashville might be in a win-now mentality. But when it comes to Peltier, who knows which direction he may go.

We have seen in the past where he may tweak a couple of things and run to the Cup final, but he may also see some tendencies and may make a run for building a future.

Only time will tell.

Peltier mentioned that any and all players are currently available for a conversation regarding trade talks. But he will not make moves just to make moves and will think 'progression' over anything else.

This has been Ryan Pinder reporting live from Smashville.

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