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You'll Not See Nothing Like The Mighty Quinn

The formerly 'Mighty' Ducks have found their head coach and aim to embrace the enigmatic nature of the Anaheim hockey franchise.

Yesterday from the Honda Center, newly hired General Manager Michael Stafford of the Anaheim Ducks introduced David Quinn as the team's Head Coach.

Quinn joined the Ducks after serving as the Head Coach of the Boston University Terriers, where he captured two Hockey East Tournament Championships and two Hockey East Regular Season Championships.

In Quinn’s introduction, Stafford explained his choice in a head coach.

“Quinn and I are on the same page in our philosophy and the way the game should be played," said Stafford. "It is a team effort to play 60 minutes that wins hockey games. Quinn will quickly put in place that type of locker room culture here at the Honda center."

Quinn agreed. “First and foremost, I am a teacher," said Quinn. "I don’t like shuffling my roster for the sake of change. My collegiate background taught me that if you give a young athlete a scholarship, then it’s your job to make that player better. That is what I intend to do at the Pro level. I will hold players accountable for their actions on the ice. I will not allow inconsistent play or sulking if they are benched."

"I expect them to reclaim their position in the lineup by working that much harder in practice.”

Coach Quinn has a professional attitude but briefly showed a personality that has a lighter side by jokingly announcing that the Flying V of The Mighty Ducks fame will be part of his offensive plans.


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