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BEARDS and Booze Special (GM Response Needed!)

This Saturday evening (May 1st), Aaron Sanderson and Corey Chernuka will be recording an audio special called "BEARDS and Booze".

Attention all BEARD GM's!

How it works: We will fire up the recording equipment, and start drinking! We will be discussing trades, BEARD Hockey, and ANYTHING ELSE THAT COMES UP!

A timer will be set - when it alarms, we finish our drink and pour another! Who knows how long it will last, and who knows how good it will be?

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU, BEARD GM: Send a PM to Aaron with any questions, scenarios, or really anything that you desire our drunken opinions on! ALSO - We will keep you posted on slack and are open for live questions, although you won't be able to hear what we are doing until the next day.

We will be airing this special video throughout the LIVE STREAMED Trade Deadline Day show - more info on this will be coming on Friday.

Please take the time to give us something to talk about, and enjoy the ramblings of some inebriated middle aged has-beens!

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