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Canucks Farm Team Walking Wounded

Abbotsford is off to a rough and injurious start - after 13 games the team has 11 points which puts them 14th in the AHL Western Conference.

As we look at the team makeup, we know that they must be under performing. However, after diving into the numbers we find another reason, not an excuse, but a reason for this terrible start to the season: Injuries.

List of injured players so far this season:

Will Lockwood (F): Has been injured twice and lost seven games so far and is listed currently Day to Day

Olle Eriksson (G): Has been injured twice and lost no games yet, but is currently looking at missing the next MONTH.

Klink Kostin (F): Has had one injury and lost 4 games and is still a week away from returning. No word yet if his eyepiece is causing rehab issues..

Patrick Khodorenko (F): Has been injured once but has lost two games to date and is most likely to miss another MONTH

Zac Jones (D): Injured once and only lost one game, but is still not 100%

Thought there was a forward coming down from Vancouver, but Ryan Dzingel was lost trying to go through waivers. That wasn’t all bad, cause his salary far out weighted his production. Hopefully he finds his game in Ottawa.

So, the Baby Canucks will play hard and hopefully keep the ship afloat until reinforcements arrive and the sim stops sending our players to the hospital.

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