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BREAKING: Canucks ownership transferred to Sanderson

The Vancouver Canucks PR department has released a written statement concerning the question of ownership of the new BEARD Hockey league franchise.

The statement reads as follows:

"The City of Vancouver, and the Vancouver Canucks organization in it's entirety, wishes to announce the complete and total transfer of ownership of the organization from the Aquilini Group to Calvin Klein model-turned-sports-franchise-investor Aaron Sanderson.

The organization thanks the Aquilini Group, namely Francesco Aquilini (pictured above), for the time and energy that has been put into maintaining the Canucks' reputation as a top-notch first class institution.

In Aaron Sanderson, we have found an owner who is committed to winning the Stanley Cup, and plans to accomplish this with a hands-on approach. He has already assumed the role of General Manager, while Jim Benning will be kept with the organization and move into his natural vocation of Head of All Scouting and Director of Player Development. He will now report directly to Aaron Sanderson.

The Vancouver Canucks organization wishes the Aquilini family well and proceeds forward in excitement and anticipation of what is sure to be a new and prosperous era for the organization."

Aaron Sanderson, Francesco Aqualini, Jim Benning, Fin, and Jeff the intern were all unavailable for comments.

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