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Canucks Announce Corporate Sponsorships

The Vancouver Canucks organization is pleased to announce it has reached agreements with several major companies as it relates to sponsorship.

PRESS RELEASE: Our organization has partnered with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to provide broadcasting coverage for all home games and the majority of away games for the 2020/21 season. CBC is Canada's publicly owned broadcaster, and brings over 60 years of hockey broadcasting experience with them.

The Canucks are also proud to announce that they have partnered Sazerac, the maker of fine spirits, to help subsidize luxury suite fees, as well as supply drinks to our more influenced affluents.

Finally, we would also like to announce a partnership with major automobile manufacturer Tesla as team sponsor. The Tesla agreement is conditional upon the team finishing in the top 5 in points of the Western Conference at the end of this year.

GM Aaron Sanderson made a brief statement to go along with the press release:

"Just business as usual. These endorsement deals we make, they are meant to be good for the team, to make us some extra money while also exposing the sponsors to a wider crowd that they are interested in. Some companies are very strict with their conditions that you have to meet, and to be honest, we really don't know the full economics of the league this year, so we wanted to play it safe.

We do believe we are the de-facto team to beat in the BEARD Hockey league this year, but we're still playing it safe with our financial commitments."

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