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Canucks Build Arsenal At Entry Draft

Despite not having a first-round pick, Vancouver managed six selections who are all seen as building blocks for the future of the franchise.

Going into the draft the Canuks traded their first pick, but still had six picks. These picks were looked at as building blocks for the Canucks in future years.

The organization took the approach of trying to get the best available player. If they happen to be NY Rangers (NHL) prospects that didn’t hurt, lol.

Below is a list of the picks that were made and what some of the black-book scouts thought of them. We also included some other statistical information. Overall, we missed a few players we wanted but are very happy with the players we did draft.

SAM RINZEL, Defenseman (2nd round, 34th overall)

NHL Draft Position: 25th (1st round)

Blackbook Rank: 32nd

Blackbook Rank: B

“He’s been both the most impressive prospect and least impressive prospect I’ve seen this year all within the same game. Jaw-dropping plays and then shake your head plays that make you wonder what he’s thinking at times. He’s a pretty good chunk of clay to mold though. First round tools.”

DEVIN KAPLAN, Forward (3rd round, 84th overall)

NHL Draft Position: 69th (3rd round)

Blackbook Rank: 57th

Blackbook Rank: C+

“The forgotten player on the USNTDP program. I had him ahead of some of the more popular names on his team.”

OSKAR PETTERSSON, Forward (4th round, 98th overall)

NHL Draft Position: 72nd (3rd round)

Blackbook Rank: 94th

Blackbook Rank: C

“He’s better than his linemate who gets all the hype. Pettersson plays so hard and he’s good around the net. Skating is the issue. I think he’s a 5th rounder in that area.”

BRYCE McCONNELL-PARKER, Forward (4th round, 115th overall)

NHL Draft Position: 97th (4th round)

Blackbook Rank: 101st

Blackbook Rank: C

"I like him. I'd bet he goes in the top 4 rounds. I’ll be shocked if he’s available in the 5th.”

TYSON JUGNAUTH, Defenseman (5th round, 159th overall)

NHL Draft Position: 100th (4th round)

Blackbook Rank: N/A

Blackbook Rank: N/A

"A defenseman who possesses a good offensive mind and toolkit. He’s a very smooth skater who likes to have the puck on his stick and does so with a lot of poise."

NOAH LEBA, Forward (6th round, 162nd overall)

NHL Draft Position: 111th (4th round)

Blackbook Rank: N/A

Blackbook Rank: N/A

"Physical forward who plays with an edge and is not afraid to drop the gloves and mix it up. A team-oriented, heart and soul type of player with enough skill to someday make an impact at the NHL level."

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