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Dallas Is Making Big Moves

Once again, the Stars have made some surprising trades. This time it happened close to the deadline and brought an All-Star to Big D.

The Dallas post was able to conduct a short interview with GM John Smith and newly acquired Claude Giroux.

Dallas Post - You have made some huge trades in the last little while and they have been proving to be very beneficial. Can you please comment on what brought them on and how was the process being a little ways before the deadline?

John Smith - “You know, it was a lot of work. A lot of discussions with different teams. Some talks didn’t work out. Others worked out really well. We are just over the half point of the season. A couple of weeks ago we had a slide where we were 1-5 in our last 6. That was not cutting it.

We have always looked at our team as a contender. I decided not to wait for the deadline, but to make our team stronger right there and then. We are all in for this season. I have made a handful of trades since then and we are now on a 6 game winning streak.

We lost some good players in Jesse and Barrie, among others. It was something that we needed to do though. Claude and Kailer have been lighting it up this season in BEARD, and already they are helping our team tremendously.

We believe these trades have helped our team to win now and also for the future. In resigning Kadri, we will have a core staying together for years to come. I know we have traded quite a few draft picks and such, but we are not giving up on the future.

We have lots of young players in this organization and we just traded for Brad Lambert who goes right up the list to being one of our best prospects on the team. We are very happy where we are, and don’t be surprised if we don’t make any trades during the deadline.

Dallas Post - Claude, you were just one of a handful of players traded to the Stars recently. What were your thoughts when you were traded and how do you feel about this team?

Claude Giroux - “I was surprised to be traded to be honest. It kind of came out of the blue but these Stars are something special. I think we can go all the way. We have great leadership on this team and everyone works as a team.

I am excited to keep doing my part and hopefully to help this team make it into the playoffs and do some damage.”

The Stars have been playing quite well lately. Mr. Smith has proved again to be a resourceful GM who isnt afraid to pull the trigger.

With Players like Giroux, Yamamoto, Kerfoot, Lyubushkin, and Shattenkirk coming in, this will be an exciting rest of the season. These guys arent just depth players, they are really good players who can get things done.

He also brought in some really capable depth players in Bogosian, and Trenin. How far will the Stars go? Only time will tell.

Dallas Post signing off.

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