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Huge Happenings in the Big D

Ever since BEARD Hockey restarted a while back, there has been non-stop action in the world of hockey. And it all started with the Dispersal Draft.

The Dallas Stars got off to a fast start with their top 10 pick drafting Jonathan Huberdeau. That was just the beginning.

In the next few rounds, the Stars drafted Connor Hellebuyck, Justin Faulk, and Nazem Khadri. We had the new Dallas Stars and the core seemed set. Or so we thought.

Over the next few weeks, the team has changed drastically once again. When the Stars drafted John Tavares in a later round, they named him Captain. Tavares has always been a proud player and a great leader. He was happy to be a part of the Dallas Stars.

"I could not have asked to be drafted to a better city," said Tavares. "This team has real potential in going far in the first year of the league. The new General Manager Johnny Smith is really doing a great job."

Well, a couple weeks after that interview, Mr. Tavares was gone. He was shipped to Winnipeg in a huge trade that brought Mathew Barzal to the Stars.

A day later Dallas made an incredible trade with Minnesota. A trade that is very rare nowadays in hockey. The Stars flipped Barzal, along with drafted defenseman Christopher Tanev, and top ten pick Jonathan Huberdeau for Leon Draisaitl and Patrick Kane. Dallas also had to sweeten the pot by trading a future first round pick, and top prospects Kaiden Guhle and Kevin Korchinski.

When Mr. Smith was asked about his first couple of months in Dallas, he had the following to say.

"You know, when you join a brand new league like this and have to start from scratch, it’s a huge process. I drafted the best players available at the time, and I would have been happy to start the season with the drafted roster.

"Having said that, you are always looking to improve your roster. Leon was a guy that we wanted from the start. He is a big strong centerman and one of the best players in the league by far. We were adamant that if we were to pull off a blockbuster like that, we needed to get it done before the preseason.

"There was considerable interest around the league in Huberdeau. We had received some very good offers, and some that we could not even consider. When we found out Leon was an option, we jumped at the chance. We were happy to get this trade done, and our team is now set. We are very excited."

Things are looking up in the hockey world for the Dallas Stars. They have to be a team for everyone to watch out for. A true contender.

We will leave you with a few quotes from around the league.

Leon Draisaitl: "I am truly humbled that the Stars paid this big of a price to get me on their team. I am honored to play here, and it feels like home already. Having been made captain, less than 24 hours of being here is truly something special. I am excited to get this season started."

BEARD Hockey Commissioner Thomas Gidlow: "Heck of a whopper! Probably is (the biggest deal) for a good while, I'd bet.”

John Tavares: "Well what can I say? I am a little pissed off. I was named captain and then traded. This only motivates me even more to have the best possible season that I can have. I look forward to making that whole damn franchise wish that they didn’t trade me like that."

Well, you know what they say: everything is bigger in Texas. When it comes to trades, so far that has been a fact.

Until next time, Dallas post signing off.

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