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From the Desk of Kirk Slocum

A note from the Vancouver Canucks from yesterday's Dual Deadline Day spectacular as the phone was ringing and the possibilities were endless.

Well, the day is (was) here, and so is everything else in life, but we are in the market for talent just like everyone else.

Since taking over the Canucks we have made every attempt not to screw up what is a pretty good team. However, we really have been searching and trading to improve our secondary scoring.

We also find ourselves in a basic learning curve of what BEARD Talent is worth. Everyone has been very helpful and I’m learning, even if it is slow, but I’ll get there.

So, if you see something on our farm team or prospect list that interests you just drop me an offer and we’ll see what we can do. Enjoy this Dual Deadline date.

Great job on the huddle Tom, you are doing great, even with the time change, lol.

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