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Vancouver Adds Stability with New GM

Kirk Slocum hails from a small country south of Canada (called the USA) in the state of New York, from a never-heard-of-town called Horseheads.

Please don’t get the wrong end of the horse. Slocum has numerous years of experience in SIM hockey and has used Simon T almost exclusively.

Slocum has been brought into a pretty successful team and is really going to try and not screw it up.

"From what I see, there isn’t a lot to fix or holes to plug," said Slocum. "The defense is very strong and the forwards seem to have great chemistry. Not wanting to jinx the team, but winning ten games in a row is quite a feat in any league but totally huge here in BEARD Hockey."

If there is anything that the new GM would like to improve, it would be to improve the stockpile of prospects feeding the farm system and ultimately the pro team. Not that he wouldn’t deal his draft picks - but the return would have to include some young talent coming back.

The area of concern going forward is the goalie situation. Ben Bishop is a great goalie but is a retirement risk after the season comes to an end. This could leave a huge hole that will need to be filled.

Slocum also said that he would really like to keep this core group on the pro roster together going forward, starting with signing Philip Danault to a contract extension. He's already got that done, as late-breaking on Monday night, the Canucks announced Danault had just signed a two-year extension that will see him earn $6.5 million in the 2022-23 and 2023-24 seasons.

So, the two biggest challenges facing Slocum are:

1. Rules, OMG all the rules...

2. Not screwing up what is a pretty good team.

Slocum would like to thank league management for having faith in me and allowing me the opportunity to run the VANCOUVER CANUCKS.

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